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FREE Food Pantry Boxes?

Posted by admin On February 3rd

Anybody dealing with these in their jurisdictions now or in the past?

Homeowners are placing 3 x 5’ wooden structures with double doors in their front yards (Not ROW);  With signs on them advising Free Food.  Anyone needing it can come and go at all hours to retrieve what has been left in the boxes by those willing to donate.

If yes, are they regulated and how?

Illegal Dumping Resources?

Posted by admin On July 27th
I serve as legal counsel to a municipality and am looking for enforcement and non-enforcement measures to address illegal dumping as well as potential funding sources for same.  Can you point me in the right direction in terms of resources toward this end. Thanks in advance for your anticipated consideration and cooperation in this regard.  Please respond to Fawn Powers.

Review SWACE By-Laws Revisions Here

Posted by admin On February 18th

Please review the SWACE By-Laws Revisions by clicking on the link below.

Thanks in advance.

SWACE By-Laws – Draft Revisions 03-09-16

Security Cameras Required?

Posted by admin On November 3rd

Fort Myers City Council voted 6-0 Monday 11/02/2015 for staff to produce a comprehensive plan by January 2016 for the implementation of security cameras in public places.  Have any jurisdiction adopted ordinances related to security or surveillance cameras being required in certain locations, or for particular types of construction or land uses?  If so please share the information at:


Code Enforcement Computer Program?

Posted by admin On May 21st

Mamie Drane from Lake Alfred would like to have suggestions on the BEST computer programs available to track all facets of Code Enforcement?  If you have any “words of wisdom” in this regard you can share your information with her at the following:

(863) 291-5748

Code Enforcement Bicycle Program?

Posted by admin On April 23rd

If anyone out there is aware of any jurisdictions using bicycles for Code Enforcement patrol or otherwise please advise?  Copies of any related Standard Operating Procedures would be very helpful.

Please contact Tom Wooten at Manatee County Government


Uber Issues?

Posted by admin On December 9th

Anybody having any enforcement related problems with Uber within their jurisdiction?

Might want to see this article and advise on your issues for discussion purposes?

Uber vs. Portland: City reportedly tickets several rideshare drivers for running illegal taxis

Uber: City code officers try to ticket drivers Minutes after Uber rideshare launched in Portland without the city’s permission, code enforcement officers …

Residential Rental Registration Program Survey

Posted by admin On June 18th


Please consider taking a minute to help us compile some important information by taking a very brief 10 question survey on:

Residential Rental Registration Programs – just click on the link below. We’ll share our results.

Rental Registration Survey

Thanks in advance!

Automatic Citation Writer Programs?

Posted by admin On May 14th

Our jurisdiction had an $8,000 contract with a company to build a ticket writing module so that when we issue citations electronically instead of hand writing, we would swipe their DL similar to the Police program for running a red light or speeding and the citation would print out the code violated and all of the violators DL information and we would just have them sign.

Unfortunately the company was absorbed by another company and the new company will no longer honor our contract. I have checked the Central Florida area and our City is about the only one that issues citations on a regular basis, so no one has ever made the initial investment to have a program written for them that we could purchase or piggy back and begin using.

The reason I am writing you is to ask if you or any of your southern jurisdictions use a ticket writer program or does everyone still hand write citations? Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Bill VanHorn


Paperless Case File System?

Posted by admin On March 5th

Do you know of any Florida Code Enforcement Agencies that have a paperless case file system with digital forms (Notices, Citations, and Notices to Appear, etc) and signatures of alleged violators?

If so please leave comments for:

Joe McClamma –