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Request for Information

Posted by admin On July 31st


The City of North Port is interested in determining how many jurisidctions use a Code Enforcement Board versus a Special Magistrate/Master process (also called Hearing Officer/Examiner)

If anybody has already compiled this information or knows where it is available you may contact Grants & Environmental Coordinator Stan Frank at (941) 429-7234

Otherwise you may add your comments to this BLOG topic below and please indicate if you use a Code Board, Special Magistrate or Both & don’t forget to include your jurisdiction.

Thanks in advance for particpating in this survey.

Special Magistrate RFP?

Posted by admin On July 1st

Anybody have a recent (RFP) Request for Proposal for changing from a Code Enforcement Board to/adding a Special Magistrate process?

If so… Please contact Jeff Lariscy from the City of Edgewater:
(386) 242-2445 Ext 2205