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Robo-call Sign Enforcement?

Posted by admin On September 17th

Our jurisdiction is considering implementing an auto dialing call system to help
deal with illegal posting of signs throughout our county and I was wondering
how many jurisdictions are actually using this type of software in their code
enforcement departments. If any jurisdiction is using an auto dialing system, I
would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer the following

Name of your jurisdiction?

Name of software?

We have been looking at Voicent, so any input on this software is appreciated too.

How many phone lines do you use?

Have you seen a significant reduction in posting of illegal signs since implementation of the system?

Thanks in advance.

Randy Jones
Santa Rosa County
Code Compliance Supervisor
(850) 981-7022


Notices of Public Nuisances?

Posted by admin On September 17th

We have been utilizing a “Notice of Public Nuisance” (NPN) posting and certified mail for a number of years for overgrowth and abatement.  I am investigating the feasability of expanding that use to any “abatable” violation ie:

grass, junk, abandoned vehicles, securing homes posing as attractive nuisances, etc…

I believe IPMC 108.1.5 (7) & 108.2 will cover the securing of abandoned structures.

Any information or other recommendations out there?

Shawn Horton

(941) 764-4148