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Automatic Citation Writer Programs?

Posted by admin On May 14th

Our jurisdiction had an $8,000 contract with a company to build a ticket writing module so that when we issue citations electronically instead of hand writing, we would swipe their DL similar to the Police program for running a red light or speeding and the citation would print out the code violated and all of the violators DL information and we would just have them sign.

Unfortunately the company was absorbed by another company and the new company will no longer honor our contract. I have checked the Central Florida area and our City is about the only one that issues citations on a regular basis, so no one has ever made the initial investment to have a program written for them that we could purchase or piggy back and begin using.

The reason I am writing you is to ask if you or any of your southern jurisdictions use a ticket writer program or does everyone still hand write citations? Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Bill VanHorn


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