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Community Forums for Code Enforcement?

Posted by admin On October 19th
I am trying to start an open conversation with our community. Has anyone started a forum where they meet with residents on a monthly basis? And if so how did you promote it?

Thank You

Joe Polzien


Review SWACE By-Laws Revisions Here

Posted by admin On February 18th

Please review the SWACE By-Laws Revisions by clicking on the link below.

Thanks in advance.

SWACE By-Laws – Draft Revisions 03-09-16

Security Cameras Required?

Posted by admin On November 3rd

Fort Myers City Council voted 6-0 Monday 11/02/2015 for staff to produce a comprehensive plan by January 2016 for the implementation of security cameras in public places.  Have any jurisdiction adopted ordinances related to security or surveillance cameras being required in certain locations, or for particular types of construction or land uses?  If so please share the information at:


Code Enforcement Computer Program?

Posted by admin On May 21st

Mamie Drane from Lake Alfred would like to have suggestions on the BEST computer programs available to track all facets of Code Enforcement?  If you have any “words of wisdom” in this regard you can share your information with her at the following:

(863) 291-5748

Code Enforcement Bicycle Program?

Posted by admin On April 23rd

If anyone out there is aware of any jurisdictions using bicycles for Code Enforcement patrol or otherwise please advise?  Copies of any related Standard Operating Procedures would be very helpful.

Please contact Tom Wooten at Manatee County Government


Request for Information

Posted by admin On July 31st


The City of North Port is interested in determining how many jurisidctions use a Code Enforcement Board versus a Special Magistrate/Master process (also called Hearing Officer/Examiner)

If anybody has already compiled this information or knows where it is available you may contact Grants & Environmental Coordinator Stan Frank at (941) 429-7234

Otherwise you may add your comments to this BLOG topic below and please indicate if you use a Code Board, Special Magistrate or Both & don’t forget to include your jurisdiction.

Thanks in advance for particpating in this survey.

Please find attached below a full copy of HB269 which includes our language

(On pages 2-4). This is the bill that has been sent to the Governor for signature.

 HB269 – Click Here to Open


Sam Sullivan, CPM & FACE Sgt-at-Arms

Collection Center Supervisor

Code Enforcement Officer

5115 NE 63rd Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32609

(352) 334-0172

GROUT – Snipe Signs?

Posted by admin On February 27th
Help Fight Blight - Stop Snipe Signs!

Help Fight Blight – Stop Snipe Signs!

Anybody else dealing with a company using “snipe signs” to advertise for Grout Cleaning and Sealing?  Flat Fee $250.00 (941)-408-41XX.

If so – Please contact:

Shawn Horton

Code Enforcement Mgr.

Charlotte County

Community Development

(941) 764-4148

Are Community Gardens Commercial Enterprises?

Posted by admin On November 7th

Have any of you had to respond to residential neighborhoods wanting to install a community garden with the plan of selling the items it produces from the same site as well?

We have an opportunity to expand a City residential playground park; and this is just one of the many creative items being discussed.  Code Man would definitely appreciate any information you may have on the topic;  copies of related ordinances and/or legal opinions, etc. would be of use too.

Please respond below and thanks for you assistance.

Nuisance Lighting Codes?

Posted by admin On May 18th

Have any of you run into a situation where one property owner was shining a bright light onto another property intentionally creating a nuisance because of a neighborhood dispute?

More importantly; are any of you aware of codes prohibiting this in a residential setting?

We have an inquiry from an individual experiencing this now in Cape Coral I believe; and she is on a mission to find a code solution rather than having to file some sort of civil law suit for relief.

Please share any information you may have available.