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Sovereign Citizens Alert

Posted by admin On November 8th

At a Keep Lee County Beautiful meeting recently, Code Man ran into Cape Coral Code Enforcement Supervisor Frank Cassidy who provided a heads-up about a group they recently identified causing some issues in Cape Coral related to “squatting” and adverse possession of “abandoned properties”. 

Please take a look at some stories related to the same group called the Little Shell Pembina Band.  The tribe is based out of North Dakota and is NOT recognized by the Federal government.  According to the FBI; their members have been associated with violence but their actions are typically referred to as “paper terrorism.”

Please advise immediately if you are aware of similar situations in Florida!

Links to information on:  Sovereign Citizens – Pembina Nation

 Some History – on the Pembina Nation Little Shell Band:

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“Human Signs?”

Posted by admin On September 28th

Code Man has received a request from someone that is interested in selling local businesses  “Human Sign Holding” services in South West Florida. 

Please advise how your jurisdiction regulates them if at all and any issues that may have arisen?

One sample business model may be observed at the following link:

Welcome to the Code Enforcement News Blog!

Posted by admin On June 15th

We just launched the new Code Man web site, along with this blog on June 15th, 2010; so stay tuned for more updates!