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Nuisance Abatement Code Enhancement?

Posted by admin On March 24th

Do any of your jurisdictions have Nuisance Abatement Codes that have been enhanced to include crime related issues other than the norm: Prostitution, Drugs, Gangs, & Gambling? Our Police Department is considering revisions to the City’s related code section that would allow for the following issues to also be heard before a Nuisance Abatement Board: weapons related arrests, loitering problems, alcohol related violations, fighting – assault & battery arrests, fire capacity violations, and/or repeat calls for service. The idea is to bring businesses requiring extreme levels of law enforcement resources before the Nuisance Abatement Board for Repeat violations of these additional crime related issues.

If your jurisdiction has any such language included in your Nuisance Abatement Code sections please forward to:

Chronic Nuisance Code Inspection Fees?

Posted by admin On February 12th

I am the chronic nuisance officer for the City of West Palm Beach and I am hoping you can help me.  I am trying to adapt a re-inspection fee schedule to use for owner occupied properties that do not comply.

(Our Chronic nuisance ordinance does not fall under the typical FSS-162 daily fines)

I am wondering if any city in Florida  charges a fee for each re-inspections in situations like these.  I have been looking in Municode and also making phone calls, and have come up empty so far.   Does  Florida not ever allow fees for code inspections?

I mean there seems to be fees for everything else and these seem like an excessive use of resources above the traditional levels of enforcement paid for by the taxpayers we serve.

Laura M. Borso

Chronic Nuisance Officer