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Got Hoarding Problems?

Posted by admin On March 28th

Wilma TV is currently producing the fourth season of TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive, an hour-long documentary television series about hoarding. We are seeking participants who are willing to open up their lives and homes to share their stories.

The series explores the various facets of hoarding by recounting the personal stories of people who are struggling with this disease. A story can involve one or multiple people hoarding in the same family; people who are attempting to cope with a hoarding issue; or in more extreme cases, people who may be facing eviction, financial or marital distress due to hoarding.

The benefits of participating include complementary treatment from top mental health professionals, hands-on assistance from professional organizers and if desired, additional hauling and junk removal services.

Additionally, we provide participants with monetary compensation in order to encourage continued treatment and progress.

If you or someone you know needs help to stop hoarding, we would like to hear from you. We understand the sensitive and often embarrassing nature of this problem and promise to treat all participants with the utmost respect.

The goal of our series is to promote a better understanding of compulsive hoarding, what steps can be taken to deal with the issue, and how a comprehensive exploration of this common problem can lead to positive change for the people involved.

Please contact us at:


Phone: 240-662-4292

All inquiries will be kept confidential.

“Robo-Calls” in Hollywood

Posted by admin On March 6th

Check out the new way one local jurisdiction is dealing with a very old and persistent problem  to frustrate violators and prevent illegal signs –

“STOP Snipe Signs” by using robo-calls

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Sovereign Citizens Alert

Posted by admin On November 8th

At a Keep Lee County Beautiful meeting recently, Code Man ran into Cape Coral Code Enforcement Supervisor Frank Cassidy who provided a heads-up about a group they recently identified causing some issues in Cape Coral related to “squatting” and adverse possession of “abandoned properties”. 

Please take a look at some stories related to the same group called the Little Shell Pembina Band.  The tribe is based out of North Dakota and is NOT recognized by the Federal government.  According to the FBI; their members have been associated with violence but their actions are typically referred to as “paper terrorism.”

Please advise immediately if you are aware of similar situations in Florida!

Links to information on:  Sovereign Citizens – Pembina Nation

 Some History – on the Pembina Nation Little Shell Band:

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“Yours in Public Service”

Posted by admin On September 15th

The Legend of Saint Patrick

Posted by admin On March 17th

Check out the link below to one of Code Man’s favorite legends.

It’s rumoured that Code Man has a bit of the Ole Irish in him; that’s why he’s so GREEN of course.