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The Next Frontier?

Posted by admin On December 13th

Apparently the Occupy Movement is organizing to take things to the next level. Protestors may be coming to a neighborhood near you soon, to Occupy Vacant Homes of owners facing foreclosure or eviction.  

The Next Frontier may be Occupied?

How should code enforcement be prepared to respond?

Are you aware of any jurisdictions with particularly good codes which may be useful in deterring these actions and preventing all the potentially related problems?

Please provide us with your comments – good & bad below.

A Man with a BOLD Plan?

Posted by admin On December 7th

Here’s a link to a creative story about a man who has some very interesting ideas about a BOLD Plan on how to correct our current economic crisis. 

A Man with a BOLD Plan?

Please let us know your thoughts?

Rocket Docket Abuse?

Posted by admin On April 12th

Please check out the link below to an interesting story on the ACLU’s lawsuit alleging forclosure defendants are being illegally “abused” by Florida’s Rocket Docket and be sure to let us know your thoughts?

Southwest Florida Sees Foreclosure Slowdown

Posted by admin On January 14th

At first blush, it seems like good news: Foreclosure action in Southwest Florida and the state as a whole slowed in December to the lowest monthly levels in more than three years.

Read More Here:  and Let us know your thoughts?

Fort Myers high-rise market shows signs of REVIVAL?

Posted by admin On November 17th

Please check out this recent article on the signs of improvement in the Fort Myers high rise market and let us know your thoughts?


Posted by admin On July 26th

Check out the links below to stories about a local acquaintance who is truly dealing with a Foreclosure Nightmare.

 What do you think Bank of America should do now?

Great article in today’s News Press – Homeowner & Condo Associations have a New Weapon  in their war against deadbeat owners, their tenants and the banks foreclosing on them.

Check it out and send us your comments. Read the rest of this entry »