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Automatic Citation Writer Programs?

Posted by admin On May 14th

Our jurisdiction had an $8,000 contract with a company to build a ticket writing module so that when we issue citations electronically instead of hand writing, we would swipe their DL similar to the Police program for running a red light or speeding and the citation would print out the code violated and all of the violators DL information and we would just have them sign.

Unfortunately the company was absorbed by another company and the new company will no longer honor our contract. I have checked the Central Florida area and our City is about the only one that issues citations on a regular basis, so no one has ever made the initial investment to have a program written for them that we could purchase or piggy back and begin using.

The reason I am writing you is to ask if you or any of your southern jurisdictions use a ticket writer program or does everyone still hand write citations? Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Bill VanHorn


Paperless Case File System?

Posted by admin On March 5th

Do you know of any Florida Code Enforcement Agencies that have a paperless case file system with digital forms (Notices, Citations, and Notices to Appear, etc) and signatures of alleged violators?

If so please leave comments for:

Joe McClamma –

Chronic Nuisance Code Inspection Fees?

Posted by admin On February 12th

I am the chronic nuisance officer for the City of West Palm Beach and I am hoping you can help me.  I am trying to adapt a re-inspection fee schedule to use for owner occupied properties that do not comply.

(Our Chronic nuisance ordinance does not fall under the typical FSS-162 daily fines)

I am wondering if any city in Florida  charges a fee for each re-inspections in situations like these.  I have been looking in Municode and also making phone calls, and have come up empty so far.   Does  Florida not ever allow fees for code inspections?

I mean there seems to be fees for everything else and these seem like an excessive use of resources above the traditional levels of enforcement paid for by the taxpayers we serve.

Laura M. Borso

Chronic Nuisance Officer

Robo-call Sign Enforcement?

Posted by admin On September 17th

Our jurisdiction is considering implementing an auto dialing call system to help
deal with illegal posting of signs throughout our county and I was wondering
how many jurisdictions are actually using this type of software in their code
enforcement departments. If any jurisdiction is using an auto dialing system, I
would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer the following

Name of your jurisdiction?

Name of software?

We have been looking at Voicent, so any input on this software is appreciated too.

How many phone lines do you use?

Have you seen a significant reduction in posting of illegal signs since implementation of the system?

Thanks in advance.

Randy Jones
Santa Rosa County
Code Compliance Supervisor
(850) 981-7022


Notices of Public Nuisances?

Posted by admin On September 17th

We have been utilizing a “Notice of Public Nuisance” (NPN) posting and certified mail for a number of years for overgrowth and abatement.  I am investigating the feasability of expanding that use to any “abatable” violation ie:

grass, junk, abandoned vehicles, securing homes posing as attractive nuisances, etc…

I believe IPMC 108.1.5 (7) & 108.2 will cover the securing of abandoned structures.

Any information or other recommendations out there?

Shawn Horton

(941) 764-4148



Request for Information

Posted by admin On July 31st


The City of North Port is interested in determining how many jurisidctions use a Code Enforcement Board versus a Special Magistrate/Master process (also called Hearing Officer/Examiner)

If anybody has already compiled this information or knows where it is available you may contact Grants & Environmental Coordinator Stan Frank at (941) 429-7234

Otherwise you may add your comments to this BLOG topic below and please indicate if you use a Code Board, Special Magistrate or Both & don’t forget to include your jurisdiction.

Thanks in advance for particpating in this survey.

Special Magistrate RFP?

Posted by admin On July 1st

Anybody have a recent (RFP) Request for Proposal for changing from a Code Enforcement Board to/adding a Special Magistrate process?

If so… Please contact Jeff Lariscy from the City of Edgewater:
(386) 242-2445 Ext 2205




Hotel/Motel – Condominium Conversions?

Posted by admin On May 13th

Is anybody else out there dealing with problems related to old hotels or motels illegally converting into condominium rentals without properly going through everything required for this type of change of use?

Please advise how your jurisdiction is handling these situations.

Please find attached below a full copy of HB269 which includes our language

(On pages 2-4). This is the bill that has been sent to the Governor for signature.

 HB269 – Click Here to Open


Sam Sullivan, CPM & FACE Sgt-at-Arms

Collection Center Supervisor

Code Enforcement Officer

5115 NE 63rd Avenue

Gainesville, FL 32609

(352) 334-0172

2013 Florida Senate Bill No. SB 1252

Posted by admin On April 11th

Please review the Bill below and contact your delegates to advise on your support!

Florida Senate – 2013 COMMITTEE AMENDMENT Bill No. SB 1252



Comm: RCS



The Committee on Community Affairs (Simpson) recommended the following:

Senate Amendment (with title amendment)

Between lines 65 and 66 3 insert:

Section 1. Section 162.12, Florida Statutes, is amended to 5 read:

162.12 Notices.—

(1) All notices required by this part must be provided to the alleged violator by:

(a) Certified mail, return receipt requested, to the address listed in the tax collector’s office for tax notices, or to the address listed in the county property appraiser’s  Florida Senate – 2013 COMMITTEE AMENDMENT Bill No. SB 1252 database. The local government may also provide an additional notice to any other address it may find for provided by the property owner in writing to the local government for the  purpose of receiving notices. For property owned by a corporation, notices may be provided by certified mail to the registered agent of the corporation. If any notice sent by certified mail is not signed as received within 30 days after the postmarked date of mailing, notice may be provided by posting as described in subparagraphs (2)(b)1. and 2.;

(b) Hand delivery by the sheriff or other law enforcement  officer, code inspector, or other person designated by the local governing body;

(c) Leaving the notice at the violator’s usual place of residence with any person residing therein who is above 15 years of age and informing such person of the contents of the notice; or

(d) In the case of commercial premises, leaving the notice with the manager or other person in charge.

(2) In addition to providing notice as set forth in 31 subsection (1), at the option of the code enforcement board or the local government, notice may also be served by publication or posting, as follows:

(a)1. Such notice shall be published once during each week for 4 consecutive weeks (four publications being sufficient) in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the code enforcement board is located. The newspaper shall meet such  requirements as are prescribed under chapter 50 for legal and official advertisements.

2. Proof of publication shall be made as provided in ss.

50.041 and 50.051. 42

(b)1. In lieu of publication as described in paragraph (a),  such notice may be posted at least 10 days prior to the hearing, or prior to the expiration of any deadline contained in the notice, in at least two locations, one of which shall be the property upon which the violation is alleged to exist and the other of which shall be, in the case of municipalities, at the primary municipal government office, and in the case of counties, at the front door of the courthouse or the main county governmental center in said county.

2. Proof of posting shall be by affidavit of the person posting the notice, which affidavit shall include a copy of the notice posted and the date and places of its posting.

(c) Notice by publication or posting may run concurrently with, or may follow, an attempt or attempts to provide notice by hand delivery or by mail as required under subsection (1).

Evidence that an attempt has been made to hand deliver or mail notice as provided in subsection (1), together with proof of publication or posting as provided in subsection (2), shall be sufficient to show that the notice requirements of this part  have been met, without regard to whether or not the alleged violator actually received such notice.

================= T I T L E A M E N D M E N T ================

And the title is amended as follows:

Delete line 2 and insert:

An act relating to building construction; amending s. Florida Senate – 2013 COMMITTEE AMENDMENT Bill No. SB 1252

162.12, F.S.; revising notice requirements in the Local Government Code Enforcement Boards Act; amending s.