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Squatter’s in South Florida?

Posted by admin On March 13th

Anybody having a problem with squatters these days?

If so…

How are your Code Enforcement Departments involved in correcting the situations;

or do any related complaints simply get referred to Law Enforcement for response?

Link to a recent story below:

Did you see thisĀ in the Sun-Sentinel:

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  1. Brian Presley Says:

    I had a case where a mother and daughter at one mobile home squatted in the vacant mobile home next door to where their family and they were living and created an accumulation of junk. They had created an accumulation of junk on their own property on a few other occasions and they had so many dogs the smell was horrible. They were using bags of lime to mask the smell. When I tried to inspect the vacant mobile home, they came out of it and yelled at me “squatters’ rights, squatters’ rights” I had to get an inspection warrant to enter the property and the owner’s agent had to get the mother and daughter evicted through the court in Marion County, Fl. It took over a year and eventually the squatters were evicted and the mobile home was demolished because it was uninhabitable after the squatters trashed the property, inside and outside.

    Posted on March 13th, 2013 at 5:02 pm

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